Fat Loss Becoming A Global Problem

Obesity is one of the main problems worldwide. Observation studies say that 6 out of 10 persons are suffering from obesity.

People use different methods to lose weight like jogging, cycling, aerobics, cardio, interval training and weight training, but most people don’t know the proper way to lose weight.

How to Lose Your Weight – A Simple Guide

In this article you’ll know how to lose weight and what might be the best method for you.

  1. What is cardio?

Almost three miles jogging, treadmill running for an hour, or elliptical training for 20 minutes is cardio. It is the low intensity exercise for a prolonged period that elevates your heart rate.

  1. What is high

How to Make a Diet That Makes You Happy

First of all, to talk about the happiest diet; we should know, How to get the happiest diet?

The modern processed food that is using now a day cannot become a happiest and healthy diet; this food has increased the risk of heart diseases, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and obesity, etc. The “Junk Food” is also very popular in these days, and it is also very dangerous.

To get the healthiest diet should make a strategy like skipping the processed food, go organic, mind your meat, don’t fear fats means eating some saturated fat food is not compulsorily going to increase the risk of heart diseases. The most important thing is that the daily exercise …