Exercising safely in pregnancy

Physical and mental Health are gifts of God, and a healthy person can fight confidently in front of any disease. A time comes in the life of couples when they become much happy than ever. During this time couple makes so many plans of their future. Yes this is the time when they come to know that they are going to have baby. When female get to know that she is on her family way and are expected than extra care needed here.

During pregnancy it is not a good thing that you leave the work and pass most of the time on bed. It is necessary for you to take some of the easy and valuable exercises that will be fruitful for you during pregnancy as well as after delivery. One thing that you should keep in mind is the exercise is easy to apply and don’t need your body effort.

Aerobic Exercises are Effective;

First of all you keep in mind that doesn’t try any exercise without the doctor advice. Aerobic exercises are best for body wellness and mind relaxes. These include swimming, walking and many more. Muscle relaxation exercises are also beneficial like you try to do yoga. Try to consult your family doctor or an experienced lady doctor or gynecologist.

Exercising safely in pregnancy

Avoid sports during pregnancy:

The girls who are sport girls have to leave them during pregnancy period as it can be risky. Basket ball need jumps, volley ball needs power, football is also risky. The sports which need power of your body and give stress on your lower part of body are not good for you. It is good for you to give some time to exercise which maintains your health good and keep fit.

Consult a doctor before doing exercise;

The people who are doing exercise in daily routine don’t need extra help in this but who are unaware of exercises must consult the doctor first. According to the doctor advice make a plan and follow that for wellness wellness and physical fitness. As this period is valuable for both the partners and they want healthy baby and easy birth so take care of these things. Don’t try to lift heavy weight machines for exercise or for any other purpose. Diet plan is also counts a lot during pregnancy. Take juices and fresh milk. Add fruits in your diet plan. If you take healthy diet and a light exercise in this period, than it will allow you to give easy birth and a healthy baby.

As girls are sensitive so they need extra care. While doing exercise, you have to wear light clothes so that your body temperature will not become so hot. Wear loose dresses and comfortable pair of shoe. The bra should be comfortable to wear as it is not so fit or heavy. After 4 months of pregnancy don’t apply any exercise which give stress to your back bone.

As you know it is the most valuable time for both the couples so give extra care of health and mind as to remain fit after delivery and forever.

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