Physical Therapist Assistant Jobs

If you are looking for physical therapist assistant jobs, you might be concerned about where the best place is to start looking for well-paying jobs. Experienced and licensed physical therapist assistants are in high demand in several types of medical and care facilities, so you are sure to have good luck finding a position once you get started.

Building Bridges, Making Contacts

An important part of any career path is related to the contacts that you make in the line of work. From keeping in touch with your professors from college and your fellow students, to building professional relationships with physical therapists and other medical professionals you work with. Building bridges in any workplace is a great way to help you make those all-important contacts that will help guide you towards new job opportunities when you are looking for them.

The cliché about not burning bridges in the workplace actually has a lot of merit to it, so be sure to remain amicable with your coworkers and your supervisors.

Physical Therapist Assistant Jobs

Getting Yourself Prepped When Applying for Physical Therapist Assistant Jobs

There are a few things that you should do when applying for PTA positions, in order to make sure that you are the best potential candidate for the job.

  • Update your resume to include your most current positions and work experience.
    • Do not allow your resume to be longer than two pages, if necessary just focus on highlights throughout your career that can then later be expanded upon during an interview.
    • It is imperative that all information on your resume is accurate and truthful.
    • Ensure that your education, licenses, and certifications are all listed on your resume.
    • Have both the original and at least one extra copy of your licenses and certifications on hand.
    • Create a list of your references, to attach with your resume. Ensure that your references are aware that you are using them as references.
    • Make sure that your resume includes your current email address and phone number.

Also make sure that you have a nice suit or professional-looking outfit to wear to your interview. While some may encourage you to wear scrubs to an interview, you should assume that the standard garb for an interview meeting is a business professional look.

Putting Your Information Out There

A visit to any number of job site boards will bring up a lot of potential jobs for you to apply to, but some of them may be older and may even have already been filled. Upload your resume, with your email address and phone number as your primary and preferred methods of contact, and be sure to update your information if it changes.

This will give employers and human resource departments a great way to locate your information when they have a physical therapist assistant position to fill.

A lot of hospitals, fitness centers, home health care programs, and rehabilitation centers are often willing to accept applications and resumes to hold on file until a job opens. This might seem like a waste of time to apply for a job that doesn’t even exist yet, but in the event that an opening does occur, your information will be amongst the first to be reviewed to fill it.

By being resourceful and ensuring that you are ready to present yourself as the professional and qualified physical therapist assistant that you are, you will be in a better position to secure a great job. It is important to also know your worth in your chosen field, so be certain that you do a little bit of research into how much physical therapist assistant jobs pay, for your level of experience.

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