Fat loss becoming a global problem

Obesity is the main problem in the whole world at that time. Observation says that 6 out of 10 persons are suffering from obesity.

People uses different methods to lose weight like jogging, cycling, aerobics, cardio, interval training and weight training etc, but most of people don’t know the proper way to lose weight.

How to Lose Your Weight Exactly

In this article you’ll know how to lose your weight exactly, and what is the best method.

  1. What is cardio?

Almost three miles jogging, treadmill running for an hour and elliptical for 20 minutes is cardio. It is the low intensity exercise for a prolonged period that elevates your rate.

  1. What is high

Exercising safely in pregnancy

Physical and mental Health are gifts of God, and a healthy person can fight confidently in front of any disease. A time comes in the life of couples when they become much happy than ever. During this time couple makes so many plans of their future. Yes this is the time when they come to know that they are going to have baby. When female get to know that she is on her family way and are expected than extra care needed here.

During pregnancy it is not a good thing that you leave the work and pass most of the time on bed. It is necessary for you to take some of the …