Working as a Physical Therapist Assistant

There are many jobs that are sedentary in nature, and do not require those working in the jobs to be in good physical shape. When it comes to working as a physical therapist assistant however, you will need to be in good health in order to fully perform all of the functions of your job.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Some of the requirements of your job when you are working as a physical therapy assistant could include some of the following.
• Help to promote fitness to patients, which would come across as being hypocritical if the PTA is not also in good physical health.
• Demonstrate and encourage exercise routines in patients in order to help patients improve flexibility, muscle strength, and find relief from pain.
• Offer therapeutic massages in order to loosen sore muscles and help patients to get relief from pain.
The physical therapist assistant will work under the guidance of a physical therapist, and together they will perform a variety of treatments that all have the goal of improving posture, relieving pain, promoting improved performance, and to help patients to increase their mobility, especially after an accident or injury.

Working as a Physical Therapist Assistant
As a part of your job, you may meet physical challenges that are hard to perform if you are not in good physical shape yourself.
• Providing support to patients
• Demonstrating exercises
• Lifting and moving patients who may be otherwise immobile
• Walking, standing, and moving almost non-stop on a standard work shift
• You may also need to lift objects that can weigh as much as 50lbs

The full extent of the physical activity on the job for you when you are working as a PT assistant will vary greatly based upon the facility that you are working for and in. Some of the places that you might find yourself working as a physical therapist assistant include the following.
• Home health care
• Nursing homes
• Hospitals
• Sports facilities
• Rehabilitation facilities
• Schools
A lot of facilities hiring physical therapy assistants may put strict requirements in their job requisitions in order to ensure that they only receive applications from candidates that are in good physical health and are fully able to meet the physical requirements of the job. Consider the concerns that they may have if you are working in a physical therapist assistant position and you are not in good physical health.
You may sustain an injury while guiding your patients through their therapeutic routines or you may inadvertently injure your patients due to your inability to provide them with the proper support they need during workouts. This would leave the facility that you are working for with a lot of liability for the injuries sustained during what should have been routine physical therapy sessions.
To become a qualified physical therapist assistant, you will have to go through a fair amount of training. This is an excellent time for you to work on increasing your own physical fitness so that you will be able to be the best at what you do for a living. Eating a diet that is rich in healthy fruits and vegetables and getting in a good thirty minutes of cardio exercise will soon have you shedding pounds and building the muscles that you will need while on the job.
A weight problem is by no means going to prevent you from attaining your goals of getting work as a physical therapist assistant, but you will find that a weight problem and a sedentary lifestyle are not conducive to the types of activity that you will experience while working with your physical therapy patients. Take the time to improve your health and your general well-being so that you can be the best PTA, leading by example.

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